How Much is Your Home Worth?

All too often home owners decide to put their house on the market before they have established how much it is worth.  And, of course, all too often real estate agents are interested in getting the highest possible price for their clients and can put a home on the market with a price that is too high.  Both of these scenarios can be avoided with a simple Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).

While a CMA does not carry the clout of a full appraisal, it certainly can set the parameters of how much your home is worth and can establish realistic expectations for both home owner and agent.

The CMA is a free service that I provide to my clients.  I make it part of the listing process, so that when we begin to advertise your home, we have established a realistic price that will help to ensure a timely sale.

There are two major credibility “killers” when it comes to residential real estate – a house that has been on the market too long, and a house that has been “price improved” too many times!  A Comparative Market Analysis can help you avoid both of these pitfalls.

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